Winn Dixie’s New E-Coupon Program

Winn Dixie announced today that it has a new e-coupon (electronic coupon) program.  I have to say, I’ve got mixed feelings about it.  The big plus is that you don’t have to cut any coupons.  The drawback is that you load these “e-coupons” onto your Winn Dixie reward card, then you can’t “see” them.  You are able to go on-line to view which coupons have been redeemed and which still remain.  But unless you have unlimited internet access on your phone, I think it might be a bit cumbersome to track.  There is a feature of the program that allows you to print out a list or email a list of the coupons you’ve loaded.  I still think it will be tough to know what coupons remain unused.

Another issue for me is that you can only use the e-coupon one time per checkout transaction.  So if I want to buy 2 or more of an item that has a coupon, I have to do it in separate transactions PLUS in between, go back to the e-coupons on the Winn Dixie site to reload the coupon.  And there’s no guarantee that you will be able to reload it.  That apparently depends on the manufacturer and how they originally set up the coupon.

Q. Can I use an e-coupon and a paper coupon for the same item in a single transaction?
A. Yes, up to the limit of the item purchase price.
Q. How many times can an e-coupon be used?
A. An e-coupon can be used once per checkout transaction. The number of times an e-coupon can be reloaded to your account depends on the manufacturer. Most coupons can be used once, but others can be loaded to your account multiple times by loading the coupon to your card again after you redeem it. Once you use a coupon in a transaction, it is removed from your card, and you must re-load it again in order to use it a second time. For more specific details, please reference the coupon terms.

Questions that I have

  • Will you still be able to use your Upromise e-coupons along with the Winn Dixie e-coupon + a paper coupon?
  • Are these e-coupons considered store coupons or manufacturer’s coupons?

Read the entire Q&A from Winn Dixie’s e-coupon policy here.

How are you guys feeling about this?

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