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When Publix announced their “new” coupon policy several weeks ago, we were so happy to see Doris’s Italian Market on the list of competitors for our local Publix!   As per their coupon policy, Publix allows one Publix “total order” coupon and one competitor “total order” coupon.  There are a few great printable coupons available for Doris’s Market.   Click here to print the coupon that we used during the Sun Sentinel Back to School Shopper challenge is the “Get a $10 Gift Card when you purchase $100 or more in groceries”.   There is also another coupon available on the same page that will save you $2 on a $25 order.  Also, you can sign up for Doris’s Italian Market email list and receive a $5 on $50 order coupon!!

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    please email doris coupons ..i love to shop in that store..I ALWAYS USE THEIR CATERING ALSO…I NEED COUPONS FOR TODAY IF POSSIBLE…THANK YOU

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